Gerbera Baby n0.2 | 20x20" acrylic

GERBERA BABY | 10x10" acrylic on recycled canvas [SolD]

Floral arrangement no.1 | 10x10" mixed media on wood panel

Floral arrangement no.2 | 10x10" mixed media on wood panel [SOLD]

QuILTED FLORALSCAPE | 12x12" MIxed media on recycled canvas

30 and Sunny | 10x10" mixed media on board

A whole lot of love | 14x19" acrylic on recycled canvas

dig deeper | 18x18" acrylic on recycled polyester

tropical diptych | 12x16" acrylic on cradled panel

ABSTRACT FLORALS no. 4 | 16x16" acrylic on canvas

Abstract florals no. 3 12x12"

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