Art is everything. It’s the only constant. A home PROVIDING comfort, free of judgement and ridicule. It’s acceptance and freedom. Art allows the processing of grief and trauma. Art is an opportunity for financial stability and independence. Art is growth and learning. Limitless methods and techniques. A bottomless cup of new. Art is communication and connection with others. Art can effect change. Art is my voice. I am screaming, art is everything.

Artist Statement.
My work is the expression of my experiences and emotions, a collection of things I find amusing, beautiful, nostalgic, humorous or absurd. With one brush stroke or stitch, it's how I'm thinking, feeling and observing the world. The work is also about sustainability as I source recycled materials in the creation process. Inspiration stems from creative innovators like the late Jillian Owens, a.k.a the re-fashionista who transformed the most hideous thrift store finds into ready-wear fashion.